Something AMAZING

Is Coming to Camarillo...


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Wonderarium is an amazing learning-space for kids from 4 to 12 years old.

It's a tiny universe packed with activities and adventures,

With hourly classes taught by passionate educators.


Science, art, dance, gymnastics, creative writing, kinesthetic math,

And wildly fun obstacle courses!


We're spectacularly, charmingly, unique!

...Camarillo's hidden wonder...


Our concierge approach to education makes it possible for us to help you design the perfect program for your children, tailored to their wishes, dreams, and needs.

Exclusively limited to only 6 - 8 lucky kids at a time,

In rooms perfectly designed for their purpose.


Book Now Before We're Filled.


"at Wonderarium,

I can be a dancing ninja artist Scientist pilot gymnast!"


(All in the same day)

I already know I want my child to participate!