The Mathematical Martial Art

Kinesthetic Math

Fast & Fun

Say good-bye to tears!

Math-Chi is an incredibly fun breakthrough in math!  No boring drills!  Your child doesn't need to struggle to learn the multiplication tables.  It comes naturally in this remarkable kinesthetic math program.


Math-Chi is math as sport. 

Martial Arts moves and poses create numbers and equations.

Kids spar with each other by sending equations back and forth.



Sessions are open to all kids who are working to master the multiplication tables.


Math-Chi is such a unique and positive concept that it earned a patent!

Every child receives lots of attention.

We limit groups to just eight kids!




Wonderarium worked tirelessly to create the perfect Math-Chi room.


The floors are MMA padded, wall-to-wall.


There's a wall of mirrors so that kids can see themselves perfecting their skills.


There is plenty of space for each student, abundant natural light, and the ideal temperature, summer and winter. 



Part dojo, part playroom, 100% wonderful.



Math-Chi looks similar to other Martial Arts

but with two big differences:

1.  Your child learns math.


2.  No one is hitting anyone

and no one gets hurt.


Now that you know what we're all about,

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Submitting an application does not commit you to enrollment.  But it is the start of joyous learning.

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To ensure that our children receive ample attention, enrollment is very limited.

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All sessions are 50 minutes.

Payment in full is required prior to attendance.

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Looking for more reasons to join?

Glad you asked.

Improves Math Scores


Starting in about 3rd grade, no matter what form of mathematics you are teaching your kids -- including Common Core -- the  bottom line is that students score higher when they know the multiplication and division tables.  The faster and more accurately they can reach answers in these fundamental skills, the better their math scores.  Math-Chi's kinesthetic and playful approach to the fundamentals results in faster learning and better retention.




Faster Learning and Better Retention (Part 1)


Math-Chi is kinesthetic!  Kinesthetic learning uses physical activity to increase the mind's ability to recieve and retain information.  An example is kids playing, "Patty Cake."  The rythmic action of the hands and arms makes it easier for kids to learn and remember both the words and the movements.  Some choirs teach music by assigning hand positions to specific tones for the same reason.  The same is true of Math-Chi and math facts.  "Performing" the tables helps kids "lock" the facts into their mind on both intellectual and physical levels.



Faster Learning and Better Retention (Part 2)


It's fun!  There is perhaps nothing more boring...nor more pointless in the eyes of students...than doing math drill after math drill after math drill.  Kids don't see the value in the effort.  Repetitive drills without student "buy-in" results in slower progress and rapid loss of acquired knowledge.  The achieved goal of Math-Chi is that kids WANT TO LEARN the math tables in order to use them RIGHT NOW playing against other students.  Look how completely kids dedicate themselves to learning minute details and rules of new video games.  Have you ever seen them do that with the times tables?  Heck, no.  We've seen it with Math-Chi, however, as students push themselves to improve their Math-Chi speed and accuracy.  It quickly becomes a point of pride which also improves their desire to learn.



Happy Campers


It's fun!  It's active!  They love doing it so much that you'll see them practicing with each other before and after school, at lunch, on breaks.  It is exactly because it is so engaging and enjoyable that it is so effective.  The more they enjoy and practice new skills, the better they master them.  It's a win-win:  They have fun AND learn!



Great Physical Education


Math-Chi improves students' minds AND bodies.  Since numbers and equations are represented in physical moves, kids are is fairly constant motion.  Not only does this keep them focused, this kinesthetic approach is good for muscles, bone, and cardiovascular systems.  As with martial arts, Math-Chi improves balance and inner communication between the brain and the body.



Improves Self-Confidence


Being able to master multiple skills at the same time, especially in a physically obvious way, does wonders for kids' self-esteme.  Both skills cross-feed each other.  Confidence in math and confidence in balance and movement lead directly to improvement in both.



Improves Self-Respect and Respect of Others


Along with confidence and mastery of math and ones body comes self-respect.  Participants learn the importance of taking care of ones self and interacting well with others.  Importantly, this includes learning how to be a good winner and how to use any loses as an opportunity for personal growth; to appreciate others' wins as well as ones own.



Better for NOW and the FUTURE


Multiple studies clearly show that building students' math competence and confidence early benefits them throughout their school years and beyond.  Math skills often build one upon the other.  Mastering the basics is essential to future progress.  Luckily for the kids and for you, Math-Chi makes it easy.



Improves Mood


How kids feel about themselves, their bodies, their abilities, and school directly impacts their mood.  You know that.  You see it every day.  The better they get at math, the better their grades, the easier school becomes, the more positive their moods.



Helps Connect the Mind and Body


All forms of martial arts, dance, gymnastics, and many sports help create and strengthen the mind/body connection.  Math-Chi kids simultaneously coordinate their movements while mentally processing equations. 


Improves Coordination and Balance

Math-Chi moves and positions help strengthen both. 


Strengthens Ones Ability to Focus and Multi-Task

Participants are simultaneously watching their opponents, solving one equation while creating the next; all while coordinating their bodies to communicate. 


Great for Health, Breathing, Mindfulness, and Stillness

Ever aware, participants fluxuate rapidly from quiet focus into action.  As with martial arts, they are taught how to be still, how to breath, how to be in the moment.  All the action is great for body toning and cardio vascular exercise which is directly related to better health.  Math-Chi is physically the opposite of playing sedintary video games yet is even more engaging because it's real and it's in the "here" and "now."

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