Ninja Heroes

Obstacle courses

Exercise / Climbing

Your child will feel like a HERO!

Climbing, tumbling, balancing, journeying through ever-changing obstacle courses, and core-body exercises combine!  So much FUN! 


It’s an exciting workout that teaches listening skills, self-confidence, and focus while improving balance and strength.


Every session is an event.  It's like having the best birthday party activities ever; each and every time. 


We have loads of play items and equipment to enhance the experience; mini-stilts, balance beam, obstacle courses, slack-lines, flying harnesses.  Things to twirl, spin, climb, hang from, run around, crawl under, and jump over!


There are even “ninja missions” to accomplish.  Role-playing at its healthiest because every activity involves personal body improvement and skill building.


We’ve built a stellar climbing wall; twelve feet wide and rainbow colored to denote skill levels.  More than 50 hand and foot holds; big and small, low to (not so) tall, all designed with young kids in mind.


Sessions are available for kids from ages 4 to 10.


The co-ed classes are designed to be incredibly fun and engaging


Kids leap quickly from activity to activity, so it's always entertaining.


Ninja Heroes is so great that we built a special room!  Large enough for all the action.  Small enough for close supervision.


The floors are padded, wall to wall; super-safe.  The balance beams are padded and low.  Our climbing wall tops-out at eight feet with additional padding beneath.  We have hundreds of foam blocks for fun and safety. 


There's abundant natural light and the overhead lighting is daylight aligned.  Even the room's colors are balanced between energizing and calming.  Our wall of dance mirrors allows kids to enjoy watching themselves master new skills... And let's face it, kids are a bit like birds; they love a good mirror. LOL


Our combination of physical activities keeps students engaged and smiling.  Some tasks are individual and others rely on teamwork.  All strive for "personal best" while having a great time.

A growing ability to control one's own body provides kids with a wonderful sense of self-confidence.  We love the moments when kids realize, "Wow!  I can DO that!"



Ninja Heroes


What also sets Ninja Heroes apart is the amazing amount of personalized attention kids receive.


We limit groups to just six children.  Six!  You can also book individual sessions..or even birthdays!




This is Wonderarium's truly unique Concierge Education



So...what kinds of exciting activities will my child do?


Excellent question.  Glad you asked.


Sample of Equipment


  • Slack Line

  • Mini-Climbing Wall

  • Balance Beams

  • Gymnastic Rings

  • Monkey Bar Holds

  • Monkey Fists

  • Balance Pods

  • Mini-Zipline

  • Limbo Sticks

  • One's Own Body


Sample of Activities


  • Make Friends

  • Elastic Band Play

  • Marco Polo

  • Tug of War

  • Jump Rope

  • Build the Tallest Tower

  • Knock it Down

  • Limbo

  • Gymnastics

  • Skip Balls

  • Target Toss

  • Pogo Stick

  • Follow the Trail

  • Follow the Leader

  • Follow your Heart

  • What the group wants to do

  • What your child wants to do

  • Canyon Jump!

  • Lava Leap!*(See sample)

  • Save the World!

  • Sneak Past the Crab!

  • We switch it up all the time


* Lava Leap

Kidz leap over the portion of the padded floor designated as the "Lava River!"


"Can you make it over?  Oh, the excitement!"


Sample of Gymnastics


  • Forward Roll

  • Back Roll

  • Bridge

  • Backbend

  • Floor Exercises

  • Frogstands

  • Headstands

  • Handstands

  • Cartwheels

  • Back Walkover

  • Balance Beam

  • Freestyle


Sample of Shared Characteristics


  • Physical Fitness

  • Strengthening

  • Breathing

  • Focusing

  • Listening

  • Following Directions

  • Patience

  • Independent Motivation

  • Self-Confidence Building

  • Having a great time


Now that you know what we're all about,

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