Wonderarium is the creation of the remarkable team at Tutorific,

Camarillo's #1 tutoring organization for 48 years whose staff has created

incredible programs, curriculum, products, and entertainment for such companies as Nickelodeon, LucasFilm, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. Kids.


and staff have won numerous awards including

Two Certificates of Special Congressional Recognition,

Two Awards from the Ventura County Office of Education,

and has provided services directly to

14 of our local school districts


Pleasant Valley School District

Oxnard School District

Ventura Unified School District



is as far from being a cookie-cutter franchise as a tutoring organization can be.  Proudly educator owned and operated.


is the leader in prescriptive tutoring tailored to the needs, learning styles, and interests of each individual student.

Just as Wonderarium is a remarkable leap forward in

creative arts and aerobic education,

Tutorific is the state-of-the-art in

Academic Tutoring

Within and beyond K - 12

From early-readers, ages 4 and up to college and adult education


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20% OFF


Your 1st Three Months

While enrolled in any Wonderarium Activity

Tutorific! is Camarillo's #1 Tutoring Organization