Art of All Kinds

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The perfect place to dive into art.

We're passionate about art of all kinds: Drawing, painting, sculpting, crafting, mixed media, architecture, interior design, collage, calligraphy, and more.


Whether your child is diving into art for the first time or is interested in honing skills, WonderArt is the ideal program.


We believe that art is a vital path to improving children's overall creativity as well as their spacial reasoning, observation skills, and coordination.


Every lesson stands on its own while connecting to a larger multi-session educational theme.  Two examples are "A World of Colors" and "Drawing.


At the same time, we understand that some students will find a creative passion they may wish to pursue beyond this structure.  For these kids, we provide the space, materials, and support for them to dive as deeply as they wish into their art of choice.

Girl Painter

Sessions are available for kids from ages 4 to 10.


Wonderarium is focused on personal attention and individualization.  Activities are designed and taught based on the abilities and interests of the children enrolled. 

Children work forward from their level of skill and maturity, then progress as quickly as their abilities allow.  We strive for personal best.


Wonderarium spared no expense to create the perfect art room.

There is plenty of space for each student.  There's abundant natural light, diffused, and the overhead lighting is daylight aligned. 


The desks are large and sturdy, made from wood and industrial metal; height adjustable.

A floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall, chalkboard towers over the laminated hardwood floor.  Wall-mounted wire lines hold student works of art.

All combined, the art room is absolutely charming, the kind of place you might have dreamed of having as a child.


Being sponsored by TUTORIFIC, everything we do includes educational content.  For example, learning about perspective evolves into architecture and engineering appreciation and then into structural design (See above).  Human figure drawing transends into anatomy and physiology; all at a level appropriate to the age of the participants.


What also sets WonderArt apart is the amazing amount of personalized attention kids receive.


We limit groups to just eight kids.  You can also book individual sessions (Wow!)...or even birthadays!




This is Wonderarium's truly unique Concierge Education




Now that you know what we're all about,

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